Easy NEMT & Standard Accounts

NEMT accounts

Easy NEMT & Account Management Pergo’s integrated NEMT (Non Emergency Medical Transportation) & Account Management Software allows operators of all sizes to manage the reporting problems that often arise from offering non emergency medical transportation or standard account based transportation. Automate the overhead of NEMT Non Don’t let management responsibilities that can come with certain […]

Integrated Payment Processing

Fast Integrated Mobile Payment Processing

How often do you open your processing statement expecting to see one thing only to face another? PerGo Payment Processing replaces your existing and often times expensive merchant processing with a low flat rate that is reliable and easy to understand.  You don’t need to cancel any existing services to start processing through PerGo.  There […]

Text Message Alerts

Text Message Alerts

Text Message Alerts for passengers are a standard feature of any modern dispatch and management solution.



PerGo Driver cashiering with available same day payment. Pergo’s Driver Cashiering is included in your dispatch management and enables you to route driver revenue directly to any destination they choose including a prepaid debit card which allows them instant access to their money.  Its not enough to offer passengers every aspect of a modern transportation […]

Integrated Phone System


PerGO’s dispatch and management panel includes a voip based integrated phone system (we call it a phone bridge) that allows companies of all sizes to integrate their existing phone service directly into the dispatch process Integrated VoIP calling system with unlimited lines The PerGo phone bridge is not limited in the number of inbound calls you can […]

Easy Location Assisted Automated Dispatch System

automated dispatch system

The location assisted automated dispatch system is at the core of PerGo’s efficiency.  The platform allows for accurate real-time awareness of where your assets are allowing your company’s staff to be as productive as possible and for useful automated dispatch Our end-to-end solution offers a large and growing set of management tools. Customized to fit your […]

Driver App

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The PerGoDrive Driver App is available for Android or iOS PerGo’s dedicated driver app offers any company the ability to focus their drivers and organize their jobs either in the moment or in the future.  Embedded in the the PerGoDrive driver application is a growing list of features that allow any company, regardless of size, to become more […]

The Passenger App

Passenger App

The passenger app offers any company the ability to offer on demand service from the passengers phone.